Domain: I registered in late 2003 but it has been online only sporadically since then. in the past 15 months I've had a lot of difficulty with webhosts (three went bust and one was taken over twice), but hopefully that's all in the past now and I can concentrate on creating stuff worth looking at.

Content: currently only my public weblog, madolog, but there's lots more in the works :)

Webmiss: my name is Madolyn and I'm a 40-something married female from Australia. I've been online since September 1996 and coding websites by hand since at least April 1998. I registered my first domain ( in November 1998 and have had at least one domain online at most times since May 1999.

Copyright: all content is my own original work unless stated otherwise (linked credit will be given whenever possible). No part of my original content (including site design) may be reproduced elsewhere, for any purpose, without my prior written permission ("fair use" is allowed, ie linking with or without an excerpt or sample).

Credits: currently hosted by 2WDHost. Background/header image made by me using Photoshop, based on an original stock image (lined paper) from Atomic Affliction. All coding by me, using Notepad (coz that's how I roll).

Elsewhere: rubyrain, which was registered in October 2000 as a dedicated hosting domain; toxicbrainland, which was registered in December 2000 for special projects; and serrated, which was registered in April 2002 as a personal domain.

Contact: maddy [at] thisdomain :)

Joined: domain junkies + I love cows + the ageless project